Roasts made for Coffee Lovers

One look at our espresso drinks and you'll know you've discovered a whole new level of coffee - our innovative latte art with every cup speaks for itself. The coffee itself is a whole new breed, with not a trace of bitterness and a delightful hint of chocolate and sweetness, the result of an amazing blend of five artisan-roasted beans.

Our Small Batch Tradition

Each batch of coffee is roasted to perfection thanks to our exclusive roasting process. Erie Island brings you unique coffee for generations to come made from 100% Arabica coffee.

"Every batch of coffee made is roasted to perfection. We don’t settle for less."

- Dominic Caruso, Co-owner

picture of the store front
picture of the store front

Blends & Flavors for Every Palate

From bold, smooth finishes to sweet, flavored roasts there is something for everyone. Whether you’re still trying to find the perfect coffee for your palate.

"Each crop has a unique profile, so our goal from the beginning was to give coffee lovers a unique experience in every blend."

- Bryan Story, Quality Assurance Manager

Roasting Heritage Since 2008

Founded by a crew of four coffee enthusiasts, launched its exploration in 2008 with the opening of our first coffee shop on Kelleys Island. After its success, we proceeded to open the flagship shop on East 4th Street in Cleveland. From there we continued on new adventures around Northeast Ohio with each new shop opening committed to the same high quality brews and service at every location.

"From light to dark roast, flavored or decaf we’ve perfected our process to make sure every blend is carefully roasted to bring out each unique flavor and aroma."

- Mike Caruso, Sr, Roast Master

picture of the store front